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Bad Credit Auto Loans

Bad Credit Auto Loans

Looking for a low-interest car loan when having bad credit can be overwhelming. The typical car buying process can take anywhere between 5 and 10 days, however at we shorten the process and make it simpler. So simple in fact, that most of our customers have their new vehicle delivered to their doorstep one day after filling out an application!

Bad credit shouldn't stop you from getting a low interest car loan! Our team is trained to work with you and the banks to get you the best rate possible, despite your credit woes. At, we have access to over 7,000 certified new and used vehicles, so we can always find the vehicle that you’re looking for! All of our vehicles come fully certified, e-tested and plated in your name. We’ll even help you get the cheapest car insurance in Ontario!

If you currently have a high interest auto loan, please contact us, and one of our highly trained finance representatives will call you immediately to discuss your bad credit refinancing options. Did you know that if you’ve had your bad credit auto loan for more than 12 months you might be qualified to cut your interest rate in half? Please speak to one of our representatives today to see if you qualify!

We make bad credit car loans simple for people with:

Bullet Bad Credit
Bullet No Credit
Bullet Collections
Bullet R9’s
Bullet Bankruptcy
Bullet Consumer Proposal
Bullet Repossession
Bullet Divorce/Separation
Bullet Student Debt
Bullet Cash Income

If any of the items above have prevented you from getting an auto loan in Ontario, you haven’t found the right auto loan for bad credit company. has partnered with every major Canadian bank to offer you the lowest interest rate available. No matter what your situation is, we are here to guide you every step of the way.

5 Myths When It Comes to Bad Credit Auto Loans:

1 “100% Guaranteed Car Loan Approvals”

Please don’t fall for this trap. No financial institution can offer you 100% guaranteed car loan approval. The majority of websites that advertise “100% Guaranteed Approval” are lead-generation websites that will sell your credit information to their network of dealerships.

2 “I will need a huge down payment towards my bad credit car loan.”

This is absolutely NOT true. There are many programs available for people with bad credit that do not require a trade-in or money down for a car loan. Remember, a down payment does NOT affect your interest rate or approval.

3 “It is impossible to get a car loan after a bankruptcy or consumer proposal.”

It is very possible to get a car loan after a bankruptcy or consumer proposal. Expect your car loan interest rate to be higher until your credit situation strengthens. Actually, an auto loan is one of the fastest ways to rebuild your credit and get back on the road. To find out how, contact us today.

4 “I get paid in cash, so I can’t get approved for a bad credit car loan.”

While some banks only accept pay stubs, there are lenders that accept self-employed individuals who receive cash as income. As long as the cash is deposited into the bank and customer can provide proof of these transactions, there should be no reason to deny your bad credit car loan approval.

5 “I am new to the country and just beginning to build credit, so I can’t get an auto loan.”

There are low-interest programs available for people with new or no credit. As long as you possess a valid Ontario drivers license and make more than $1800 per month, you can qualify for an auto loan!